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Tuesday 30 January 2018


Top 10 best feature of Windows 10 that every user must know. Here is the list of features included in video.

Features Mentioned In Video:

  1. Split Screen: Divide screen into two portion.
  2. Quick Actions: Add/remove and rearrange quick actions.
  3. Windows 10 Color Scheme: Change look and feel of Windows.
  4. Night Light: Best for user to use Windows PC in late night.
  5. Adding Language Pack: Add any language pack and type documents in that language.
  6. Bandwidth Usage: Check bandwidth usage of your Internet connection.
  7. Reduce Windows Startup Time: Stop unnecessary programs to initiate at boot time.
  8. On Screen Keyboard: Windows 10 comes with two types of on-screen keyboards.
  9. Metered Connection: Reduce data usage of apps by marking your Internet connection as metered.
  10. Secret Menu: Windows 10 has one extra menu (one that all know is Start Menu).
Watch following video to know more about these features:

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