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Thursday 30 January 2014


Here's a trick for Windows user to create invisible folder. Keep this thing in mind that hidden folder and invisible folders are two different things. See the instruction below to create a invisible folder in windows.
1. Create a new folder or rename a existing one that you want to make invisible.
2. Press Alt key and type 0160. (Alt + 0160)
3. Leave Alt key and press Enter.
4. This will create a folder with no name.
5. Right Click this folder and click on Properties option.
6. Under Customize tab, click on Change Icon option.
7. Scroll the icons and find the icons with no image (they will be in middle approximately) .
8. Select one of those icons and click OK and Apply changes.
9. You will see a invisible folder there.

Troubleshoot: If you see a black box as a icon of folder try to change folder size to small. For more details watch video below.

From Dailymotion:

From YouTube:

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