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Wednesday 25 December 2013


It happens many time that we want to link specific portion of webpage. This help us to share that page and let the others to read the specific portion of that webpage. This can be done by two methods

1. Have access to source code of webpage

If you have access to source of webpage then you can use anchors for this purpose. To know how to use them see instruction below:
  • Write this <a name="anchorname"> DESTINATION </a> in webpage where you want to go. Replace anchorname with any term to specify the location such as top, bottom, middle etc.
  • Write  <a href="#anchorname"> CLICK HERE </a>  to link that anchor. If you are linking it from any other webpage then place the link of webpage before hash sign(#) such as  <a href=""> CLICK HERE </a> 
Note that we did not place hash sign (#) in name attribute but used it in href attribute.
If you have your website in blogger then there is a issue with using anchors that whenever you compose your post it will change the link. Solution for this issue is that instead of composing your post directly publish it from HTML editor.

2. No access to source code of webpage(require Mozilla Firefox)

If you didn't have access to webpage source then you may use the service provided by  . Go to this link and install this Firefox add-on . You will also see installation instruction there.
After installing restart Firefox and you will see a pencil/highlighter icon on right upper side. Use this to highlight any portion of webpage. This will generate a link. Share that link and whenever someone click on that link your specified webpage will open with that highlighted portion.
To See Demo Click

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