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Monday 3 June 2013


Ubuntu is a free open source operating system which is beautiful, accessible, fast, secure and compatible. User interface has a perfect balance of simplicity and style.


What is Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. It also means 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. Ubuntu is developed from the Linux which is a open source operating system developed by Linus Torvalds. That is why it is called Linux. Ubuntu is used in millions of computers, Laptops and servers.

As it is free and open source, anyone can use it or develop it as per his/her needs. Through this you can surf internet and social networking sites, view photos, create documents, manage your professional/business work, play games, find apps and much more. It also provide cloud service. They called it as Ubuntu One and provides free 5GB cloud storage where you can store your personal data, photos, music or any other thing. Ubuntu One also works on Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS and android.

It is secure as it has built-in firewall and virus protection. Ubuntu is available in 40 languages. For internet surfing it comes with pre-installed Mozilla Firefox and if you want any other browser you can download Google Chrome from their Software
Centre. Ubuntu comes with many pre-installed softwares like LibreOffice (similar to Microsoft Office) by using which you can create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations and many more. LibreOffice is compatible with Microsof Office hence you can open, edit or create files of MS Office using it.

You can also download other software's from their Software Centre which consists thousands of free and paid software's. From Software Center you can download Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, VLC Media Player, HomeBank(helps you manage your accounts quickly and easily), Google Docs and many more. On Ubuntu you can use Skype, Twitter, Digg, Mozilla Thunderbird etc. It also support GIMP, Inkscape, Cheese, Blender, PiTiVi and many more using which you can capture, view and edit photos and videos.

It is a very compatible operating system. For this you didn't need any special hardware, you can install it on any computer running on Windows or Mac. For example if you want use your mobile as modem or want to use dongle or want to connect any other device to computer then you don't have to worry about drivers or PC suites or any other things. It will automatically detects your device and download driver if needed but generally it doesn't requires to download drivers. Ubuntu has its own network manager which can be used to connect mobile phone as modem or dongles. If it doesn't work for you then there are many other network manager apps which are available in their Software Centre.

Therefore, now we can say that Ubuntu is a best and free alternative of Windows and Mac. It is best for developer as well as for home and business users. If you’re not yet sure about installing Ubuntu, you can try it out without affecting your current system. For this just boot Ubuntu disc or USB and click on "Try Now".

Three ways/method to install Ubuntu:

There are mainly three ways to install Ubuntu:
1. Download Ubuntu disc image from their site and burn it on DVD or make a bootable USB / pendrive and installing it on place of Windows or Mac.
2. Second way is to install Ubuntu and Windows side by side. But it requires some technical knowledge and your one mistake can overwrite Ubuntu on Windows.
3. If you only want to try it, then I will recommend you to install Ubuntu as guest and Windows as host in VirtualBox (Vbox).
For more details visit official site of Ubuntu.

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